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Epistles. Elder Paisios of Mount Athos. На английском языке.

Epistles. Elder Paisios of Mount Athos. На английском языке.
К сожалению, данный товар временно отсутствует на складе.

цена: 810 рублей
Арт.: 5839

 Параметры книги вес: 510 грамм
год издания: 2002
страниц: 254
обложка: твердая
бумага: офсетная
шрифт: обычный
язык: английский
формат: 165х240мм (70х116/16)
издатель: Holy Monastery Evangelist John the Theologian

       With the help of God we are publishing the Epistles of the Blessed Father Paisios the Athonite, his fourth book to be available in the English language. In this translation we have attempted to retain the style of the original in order to provide our English speaking brethren with the possibility of approaching the word of the Elder which is graceful, lively, and replete with divine meaning, as well as to feel the peace and divine consolation which the Elder imparted to the soul of his inquirer.
       The book was prepared for publication under the direction of the Elder a few months before his falling asleep. It contains six lengthy epistles that the Elder had sent to our Holy Monastery from 1971 to 1975 with the aim of assisting us in our spiritual struggle. As mandated by the Elder, the "Contract in the form of an Epistle" has been inserted before the epistles.
       A friend of the monastery who asked to remain anonymous gladly assumed the translation of this present book into English, in collaboration with us. We warmly thank her and all those who contributed to the completion of the translation.
       May the Good God, through the prayers of the Blessed Elder Paisios, reward their philotimo labour, granting as much to them as to their households, health of soul and body and His blessing, Grace and mercy abundantly.


Introductory Note
Biographical Note of the Elder Paisios

For Beginners

A Small Blessing of a Few "Nuts"

Spiritual Balms

"A Handful of Experience: Pumpkinseeds Roasted over the Fire of Temptations"

On Chastity and Love

The Beatitudes


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