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The Gurus, the Young Man, And Elder Paisios. By Dionysios Farasiotis.. На английском языке.

The Gurus, the Young Man, And Elder Paisios. By Dionysios Farasiotis.. На английском языке.
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 Параметры книги вес: 420 грамм
год издания: 2011
страниц: 312
обложка: мягкая
бумага: офсетная
шрифт: обычный
язык: английский
формат: 145х215мм (60х90/16)
издатель: St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood
ISBN: 978-1-887904-16-2

       This powerful memoir tells the story of a Greek youth who, out of a desire to know the truth empirically, began to experiment in yoga, hypnotism, and various occult techniques. Eventually drawn back to the Faith of his forefathers— Orthodox Christianity—he visited the ancient monastic republic of Mount Athos in his native Greece, where he was brought to a knowledge of the Truth of Jesus Christ by the saintly Elder Paisios (1914-1994). Nevertheless, believing he had only found "part of the truth" on the Holy Mountain, he chose to give the "same opportunity" to Hindu yogis that he had given to Elder Paisios and other Orthodox monks. Thus, at the age of twenty-five, he embarked on a trip to India, where he undertook his search in the ashrams of three famous gurus, one of whom was worshipped as a god. His experiences in India, along with his subsequent encounters with Elder Paisios on Mount Athos, are recounted in the present book in vivid detail.
Elder Paisios        Popular in Greece since its first publication there in 1001, The Gurus, the Young Man, and Elder Paisios is a page-turning narrative of both outward adventures and inward struggles. What stands out most in this book, however, is the radiant image of Elder Paisios, possessed of divine gifts, laboring in prayer for his fellow man, and overflowing with unconditional love. Through this, one sees the uncreated Source of the elder's love and of the author's spiritual transformation: the true God-man Jesus Christ, Who honors man's personal freedom while drawing him, through love, into everlasting union with Himself.

       "This book, written by a man dear to my heart, describes events he has personally experienced.... I too can testify to what he has written, because I was an eyewitness to many of the events that he describes: since I lived on the Holy Mountain at that time, I played a part in the development of his relationship with the righteous Elder Paisios.... Seeing the benefit that so many have received from this book, I truly rejoice and bless the name of God, Who made us worthy to see firsthand this saint of our days, Elder Paisios."
       — Metropolitan Athanasios of Limassol, Cyprus


Foreword by Monk Arsenios (Vliangoftis)
To the Reader
A Biographical Note about Elder Paisios

Chapter One—Pushed towards Evil: Experiences in the World of Hypnotism, Witchcraft, and the Occult
Ares the Hypnotist
The Signs
Struck by an Invisible Entity
A Bizarre Dream

Chapter Two—Divine Help: Elder Paisios Enters My Life
A Visit to the Holy Mountain
An Encounter with Elder Paisios
"You Don't Have Any Right to Interfere with My Life"
The Fragrance of the Cross
First Trials in the Spiritual Life
The Elder's Lesser Gifts
Accounts Given by Acquaintances
The Elder's Teaching Method
A Great Blessing
The Guardian Angel
The Elder's Generosity
Unconditional Love

Chapter Three—On the Brink: Between Two Spiritual Traditions
My Meeting with Swami Yogamougananda
Silva Mind Control
A Visit to the Holy Mountain by the Scruff of My Neck
The Theotokos Who Keeps the Gate: Portaitissa
A Spiritual Helmet
A Decision

Chapter Four—Inside the Ashrams of India
Some Introductory Remarks about India
A Meeting at Benares
Our Trip to Babaji, "God in the Flesh"
In the Himalayas at the Ashram of the Teacher of Teachers
At the Ashram of Sri Aurobindo in New Delhi
At the Ashram of Guru Satyananda in Munger
Some of the People in the Ashram
My Second Encounter with Babaji, at Allahabad
The Worship of Idols
Demon Possession
The Temptation of Power
Mystical Experiences and Revelations at the Ashram of Satyananda
The Seizure
The Light
Ida, Pingala, Sushumna
The Spiritual Atmosphere
Being Seized and Being Visited
The Library
A Final Attack
The Testimony of Eldress Gavrilia
Back at the Ashram of Sri Aurobindo

Chapter Five—Home at Last
A Visit to the Holy Mountain after My Escapades in India
A Demon, an Angel, and the Most Pure Virgin
The Healing of a Brain Injury
A Shaking Tree on a Breezeless Day
The Choice between Light and Darkness
A Spiritual Operation
Uncle Elijah
The Radiance of Uncle Elijah
"Thou Shalt Not Tempt the Lord Thy God"
... Consolation from Elder Porphyries
Elder Paisios in the Light of the Transfiguration …
Spiritual Warfare in the Army
A Blessing from Elder Porphyrios
Another Encounter with Demetrios
The Jesus Prayer and the Hindu Mantra
Spiritual War
Holy Communion and the Centrality of Christ
The Christian Mysteries and Magic
An Experience of God, "Who is Everywhere Present and Fills All Things"

A Final Word

Appendix One—Testimonies from Greek Orthodox
Spiritual Fathers From Metropolitan Athanasios of Limassol, Cyprus
From Archimandrite Theoklitos of the Holy Monastery Saint Arsenios, Northern Greece
From Hieromonk Euthymios of Mount Athos

Appendix Two-Suggestions for Further Readimg
Elder Paisios of the Holy Mountain
Orthodoxy and Orthodox Spirituality
The Holy Mountain of Athos

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