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Father Seraphim Rose. His Life and Work. Hieromonk Damascene. На английском языке.

Father Seraphim Rose. His Life and Work. Hieromonk Damascene. На английском языке.
К сожалению, данный товар временно отсутствует на складе.

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 Параметры книги вес: 1 кг  400 грамм
год издания: 2010
страниц: 1152
обложка: мягкая
бумага: офсетная
шрифт: обычный
язык: английский
формат: 150х240мм (60х100/16)
издатель: St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood
ISBN: 1-887904-07-7

       Living as a monk in the mountains of northern California, Fr. Seraphim Rose broke the shackles of his times and penetrated into the heart of ancient Christian experience, reconnecting fragmented Western man with his lost roots and showing him the way of return to God. Today his name is known and loved by millions throughout the world, especially in Russia and Eastern Europe, where during the Communist era his writings were secretly distributed in thousands of typewritten manuscripts.
       This book traces his intense search for Truth and his spiritual and philosophical development, setting forth his message and offering a glimpse into the soul of a man who lived, even while on this earth, in the otherworldly Kingdom of God.

       "THIS is the Fr. Seraphim I remember, and how wonderful it was to read this biography and relive it all. Fr. Damascene's work is a fine reconstruction of the 'Platina Years' that affected so many of us in a positive way. But most important of all, Fr. Seraphim lives again in these pages — just as I recall him — a warm, clear-thinking advocate of that which we need so badly these days: a suffering Orthodoxy of the heart.... This is a truly exceptional book, worthy of the noble and righteous Fr. Seraphim!"
       — Hieroschemamonk Ambrose (formerly Fr. Alexey Young), author of Letters from Father Seraphim

       "This new biography of Fr. Seraphim Rose is an outstanding portrait of an American convert to Orthodoxy, who, having found the fulfillment of his life in the Orthodox Church, paved the way for thousands of others to follow him. This excellent book is both a challenge and an inspiration to all who are searching for intellectual and spiritual integrity, not only in word and thought, but as a whole way of life."
       — Metropolitan Jonah, chief hierarch of the Orthodox Church in America

       "The Light of Christ, shining through Fr. Seraphim, illumines the path of faith and encourages us who attempt to follow in the way. Hieromonk Damascene presents this light- filled life in words so clear and inviting that the reader eagerly follows, page after page."
       — Frederica Mathewes-Green, National Public Radio commentator, author of At the Corner of East and Now and The Illumined Heart

       "Fr. Seraphim Rose was a lover of tradition who was also far ahead of his time. His inspiring life and thought deserve to be more widely appreciated."
       — Phillip E. Johnson, author of Darwin on Trial and The Wedge of Truth




1. Beginnings
2. Seeds of Rebellion
3. The Nonconformists
4. The Search for Reality
5. Behind the Mask
6. Pursued by God
7. "World, Good Night!"
8. The Taste of Hell
9. Truth Above All Else
10. Two Teachers
11. In Sight of Home
12. Dead End
13. The Truth as Person


14. Good-bye
15. Truth or Fashion
16. Early Influences
17. This World Must End
18. The Way of the Philosopher
19. A Clarified Perspective
20. The Kingdom of Man and the Kingdom of God
21. Crisis


22. A Revelation of Orthodoxy in the New World
23. Holy Russia in America
24. On the Threshold
25. Into the Father's Embrace
26. Good Ground
27. Wonderworker of the Latter Times
28. Links to Ancient Sanctity
29. Of Stars and Music
30. A Saint on Trial
31. Thomas Merton, Chiliasm, and the "New Christianity"
32. Old Ties
33. Meeting Russia in Monterey
34. "I Trust You"


35. The Brotherhood
36. Theological Training
37. The Bookstore
38. The Orthodox Word
39. Podvig
40. The Soul of an American
41. The Apostolic Vision of Archbishop John
42. The Death of a Saint
43. TheVisionofaSkete
44. Preparation
45. Land from Archbishop John
46. Breaking Ground
47. Deliverance Out of the World


48. Set in the Wild West
49. Frontiersmen
50. In the Steps of Blessed Paisius
51. Nature
52. Zealots of Orthodoxy
53. The Apogee of the Brotherhood
54. Tonsure
55. Conflict and Reconciliation
56. Looking Upward


57. Archbishop John's Sotainnik
58. The Desert Paradise
59. The Mind of the Fathers
60. Modern Academic Theology
61. The Desert in the Backyard
62. On the Means of Our Redemption
63. "Super-Correctness"
64. Genesis, Creation and Early Man


65. Children
66. Brothers
67. The Desert for American Women
68. Adam's Friends
69. "An Orthodox Corner of America"
70. The New American Pilgrims
71. An Orthodox Survival Course
72. "Spiritual" Self-Opinion


73. "It's Later Than You Think!"
74. Suffering Russia
75. Toward the Restoration of Optina
76. Monastic Books
77. Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future
78. Western Orthodox Roots


79. The Inheritance of the Serbian Bishop Sava
80. A Prophet of Suffering Orthodoxy
81. The Royal Path
82. Ordination


83. Missions
84. Pastoral Guidance
85. A Man of the Heart
86. Orthodoxy of the Heart
87. Simplicity
88. Converts
89. Across the Country
90. St. Xenia's Sisters


91. The Soul After Death
92. Theology Above Fashions
93. The Resurrection of Holy Russia
94. Today in Russia, Tomorrow in America
95. Santa Cruz
96. Forming Young Souls
97. Heavenly Visitations


98. "A Giant of the Older Generation"
99. Hope
100. The Death Knell
101. Ad Astera!
102. Repose
103. The Forty Days
104. With the Saints

Epilogue: The Kingdom of God

Author's Note & Acknowledgments

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